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Areas Of Rocky Point - Puerto Penasco Mexico

Major Areas of Rocky Point

Rocky Point Mexico is expanding along the coast both east and west of town. Click here to see detailed maps of Rocky Point, broken down by section. The newest area is 20 miles east. It includes the Mayan Palace of Rocky Point and a 220,000-acre planned community development. Watch for maps and details coming soon.

Rocky Point, Mexico

Old Town or Old Port
Immediately south-west of town and directly west of Rocky Point Mountain this area is commonly referred to as the fish market area. It once was the center of all the action for visitors to Rocky Point. Here you can find restaurants, hotels, ATC & jet ski rental, tourist shopping, fish markets, fishing charters and more. See Rocky Point map of Old Port.

Central Puerto Penasco
This is the heart of the local community. It includes residences, grocery stores, schools and gas stations. Some businesses cater to tourists but it is primarily to local residents. See Rocky Point map of town.

East of Rocky Point Mountain. There are several hotels in this area within a short walk to the beach. This is a center of nightlife with the Pink Cadillac, Manny's, Margaritaville and other gathering places. See Rocky Point map to Manny's.

Las Palmas
Directly east of Mirador this area offers many beachfront homes and condos for rent.

Las Conchas
This is a gated community of beachfront properties mostly owned by Americans. Many of the houses and condos are available for rent. See Rocky Point map of Las Conchas.

Playa Encanto
Located farther east of Las Conchas this is one of the new areas of development. It offers homes and condos for rent, many on the water. The entire area is relatively new and because it is farther out from town, rentals tend to be a little less expensive. See Rocky Point map of Playa Encanto.

Sandy Beach
The original "party beach" where all you needed was space to throw a sleeping bag to party for the weekend. It is now a planned resort development with condominiums, hotels, golf, shopping and much, much more. This area includes the Sonoran Spa Resort, Sonoran Sea Resort, Sonoran Sun Resort, La Princesa De Penasco, Bella Sirena, Casa Blanca Golf Villas, Las Gaviatos Luxury Condos, Las Palamos Condos, and others.

Cholla Bay
Home to the world famous JJ's Cantina, this is a dusty ride of about 6 miles from downtown Rocky Point. It is a fishing village by nature with private homes as well as condos and rooms for rent. If you want to get away from the crowds at a lower price point, take a look at Cholla Bay. See Rocky Point map to JJ's & Cholla Bay.

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Major Areas Of Rocky Point, Mexico.

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