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Rocky Point Mexico Pharmacies

Puerto Penasco offers a variety of pharmacies located throughout Rocky Point and surrounding areas. Prescription drugs may require proper prescriptions for purchase. Notice: before purchasing any prescription drugs at Farmacias in Rocky Point or other drug stores in Mexico be sure you understand and follow all local laws.

Rocky Point Mexico Pharmacy
Phone numbers listed without area codes are local numbers in Puerto Penasco. To call these numbers from the United States, dial 011-52-638 and then the number listed.

Astaire Pharmacy - 638-5240
31 Plaza Las Glorias Business Plaza

Botica San Jorge - 383-2856
424 Luis Ave

Cosmos Farmacia - 383-3896
497 Juarez Blvd.

Don Antonio Drug Store - 383-5017
89 Juarez Blvd.

Farmicia Zygle - 383-2211
97 Morua Ave

Farmacias San Andres - 383-4453
14 Constitucieon Ave

San Andres Farmicia - 383-4453
14 Jim Burr Plaza & 22 Constitucion Ave

San Jorge - 383-2856
40 Morua Ave

San Martin - 383-5610
78 Cholla Bay Rd.




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