Emergency Resources In Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point Emergency Contact Information - Emergencies In Puerto Penasco Mexico

Rocky Point - In Case of Emergency

CAUTION: The information provided here is general information regarding emergency services in the Rocky Point Mexico - Puerto Penasco area.

If you have an emergency contact a local hospital, police or Mexican authorities for assistance. In some cases travel to hospitals and clinics may be faster by your own transportation than by local ambulance services. Make this judgment call on your own.

Phone numbers listed without area codes are local numbers in Puerto Penasco. To call these numbers from the United States, dial 011-52-638 and then the number listed.


Central Clinic - 383-2110
120 Juarez Blvd.

Emergencies: Dr. Luis Vazquez - 383-3014
28 Pescadores Ave

Fire Station - 383-2828

Municipal Hospital - 383-2870
97 Barrera Ave

Police - 383-2626

Santa Fe General Hospital - 383-2447
47 Morua Ave

Santa Maria Clinic - 383-2440
21 Heroes Ave

United States

Ajo Community Health Center - 520-387-5651
410 Malacate St., Ajo, Arizona





Emergencies In Puerto Penasco

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